3 Potential Professions and Career Paths for Indian Expats Living to the U.S.

3 Potential Professions and Career Paths for Indian Expats Living to the U.S.

If you’re an Indian expat that believes that going abroad is the best way to do business, you’re probably right.

The numbers don’t lie in regard to just how much Indian expats can gain from going beyond their own backyard. In fact, Indians abroad sending nearly $70 billion in remittance in 2017 according to recent World Bank data.

The reason for this wave of remittance? For starters, ease of access. Consider how thousands of banks have partnered with services such as Remitly to help expats send money back home to those facing economic hardship or lacking chances for growth at home.

But also bear in mind that this flood of remittance payments is sending a crystal clear message to Indian expats.

That is, business opportunities are out there.

This rings especially true in the United States, by the way.

Although there may be stereotypes of migrants and expats working low-skill jobs, the fact remains that there are a variety of roles that being exclusively filled via expats from India.

The fact remains that there is no “single” job out there that’s right for Indian expats. That’s exactly why we’ve outlined this short list of roles and employment ideas for workers of all backgrounds. No matter where you are in the process of settling down in the United States, keep these sorts of roles in the back of your mind.

The Booming Tech Sector

The United States’ admitted struggles to produce qualified candidates for high-skill tech jobs don’t appear to be going anywhere anytime soon.

Meanwhile, Silicon Valley’s popularity with Indian-Americans is well-documented, with the region attracting an influx of Indian talent in the 1970’s and 1980’s. This has sowed the seeds of tens of thousands of Indian engineers and techies from abroad finding their footing in the area.

In fact, approximately 40% of Google’s engineers are Indian, many of which have gone on to start their own companies in the area. From systems engineers to IT communications, California is both friendly to Indian expats regardless of their technical and personal backgrounds.

Hospitality Management

Those without traditional tech training still have their chance to find stable employment through more “traditional” means. Given modern Indian-Americans’ history of revolutionizing the hotel industry, the hospitality sector provides a beacon of hope to those who both want to alongside those with Indian roots without having to worry about being tech-savvy.

Whether it’s actual property management or day-to-day operations and maintenance, consider that well over half of the hotels in the United States are owned by Indian-Americans.

Both personal connections and traditional job sites can be eye-openers in terms of just how many hospitality jobs are present for those willing to take them.

The Medical Field

Last but not least, consider the ever-growing field of healthcare as its own window of opportunity. Much like the tech sector, the United States has relied on talent abroad to fill medical positions at home.

Specialists and nurses alike are sought-after, as is just about anyone who is bilingual given the growing diversity of the United States’ patient population.

Given that India overwhelmingly represents one of the top nations relying on remittance from the United States, there’s no secret that there are business opportunities aplenty on American soil. For hopeful, expats, it’s simply a matter of scoping out potential jobs and understanding that finding employment as an expat doesn’t have to be a “race to the bottom.”

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