Accessories for the Italian Coast

There’s a certain image people have in mind for themselves when traveling. You want to look effortless, free-spirited, and basically the exact opposite of a tourist. So obviously if you’re traveling to the coast of Italy, a dream vacation for many, you want to dress the part. For the main items of your outfit, I recommend a comfortable pair of boyfriend jeans and a relaxed top‚ or as calls it, anything Jennifer Aniston wears to the airport. But understandably, different styles look better on different people. Accessories on the other hand, are more universal. So I’ve come up with a little list of what you should wear to complete your costal look during your Italian adventure.

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It’s the coast. With any luck, it will be sunny. And when the sun reflects off the water, it’s going to be blinding without the right pair of sunglasses. For a classic European vacation, you’ll probably want to go with a timeless round and oversized style. If that look doesn’t work for you, aviators and cat-eyed glasses are extremely popular right now too. Use the glasses guide from to find out which frames best complement your face shape. For an extra bit of UV protection, try adding a floppy, wide brim hat to your outfit. Depending on your choice of dress, a neutral tone should look great, but don’t be afraid to add a pop of colour with a blue or red hat if you wardrobe allows. If you want to glam up the look even more, add a nice sleek, chic watch into the mix. Armani AX watches have some lovely, minimal and reasonably priced offerings.

As much as I would love to recommend a pair of amazing heels and give you an excuse to spend the mortgage on a new pair, I can’t. When visiting the coast, slip-on runners are likely your best option. They’re comfortable for walking long periods on the uneven landscape of the area. They’re also great in any type of weather, and they’re easy to slip on and off if you want to dig your toes into the sand or play in the water.

Backpacks are certainly one of the most convenient ways to carry your things when traveling, but they’re also susceptible to theft‚ even while you’re wearing them. It’s unfortunate, but it can happen. Thankfully however, you don’t have to sacrifice style for safety. Just make sure the bag has zippers‚ no buckles and no bucket bags. If the bag has zippers that are close together, you can easily secure its contents with a backpack lock.

Check out the simple designs of the Crosby Quilt Backpack or the Domo Biker Bag from for a better idea on how to create a functional, yet stylish and fun, look that’s perfect for traveling the coast. Just make sure the colour you pick doesn’t clash with the rest of your outfit. Top off your dream getaway look with a scarf you can trail in the wind as you raise your arms in the air and feel the sun on your face. It might seem cheesy now, but once you see the beauty of the coast, looking a little cheesy is inevitable. Don’t beat yourself up about it, though, because it happens to all of us

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