Best Free Standing Gas Fireplaces  

Best Free Standing Gas Fireplaces  

Having a free-standing gas fireplace is an ideal thing in case you like fireplaces, but unwilling to install a chimney in your home. These freestanding gas fireplaces are more efficient than the chimneys considering that the warm air remains inside the room rather than being pulled outside. With a free-standing fireplace, you will get to enjoy an aesthetically pleasing environment and the much-desired warmth during cold seasons. Notably, there are different types of free-standing fireplaces as discussed below.

  1. ProCom Vent-Free Dual Fuel Stove

This is a vent-less, freestanding fireplace which is capable of producing 25,000 BTUs of heat. The fireplace can either run on natural gas or liquid propane which makes it very effective in regards to fuel affordability. With thermostatic control, you can set the desired temperature limit; the unit will automatically switch on and off to maintain the specified temperature. Regarding appearance, the fireplace has an elegant design and will easily blend into your home décor.

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  1. Pleasant Hearth VFS2-PH30DT Gas Stove

This stove features a dual-fuel technology that enables you to use natural gas or liquid propane. It also has an added advantage of two years warranty which eases the repair cost within this period. Considering that the fireplace is small in size compared to its competitors, it can be installed in various sections of your home since it requires minimal space. With electronic spark ignition, it is easy to light the fireplace without having to use matchsticks. The fireplace comes with a thermostat knob which helps in regulation the heat.

  1. Napoleon GVFS20 Arlington Cast Iron Gas Stove

This is an incredible free standing fireplace which is made of cast iron. As such, it is very durable and stylish unit which will perfectly complement your home décor. Notably, the fireplace can use both gas and propane to heat your home which makes it very efficient. In addition to its beauty, this fireplace also has a millivolt system which helps in the flame adjustment which in turn helps in heat regulation.

  1. Arlington Direct-Vent Cast Iron Gas Stove

This is a fireplace that can use both gas and natural propane to warm your home. Also, because it is made of cast iron, it is very long lasting and presentable unit. The significant difference from other models is that it has a vent and will this require the installation of a ventilation system. With a good ventilation system in place, you are assured that gas fumes will be carried out of the house making the atmosphere comfortable.

Freestanding gas fireplaces goes a long way toward improving your home environment. As such, you will lead a more comfortable life with fewer health risks. For the best fireplace deals, you should visit Ortal Company which is a renown dealer.


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