Best Royal Engagement Rings of the Past Century

Best Royal Engagement Rings of the Past Century

Moti Ferder, Design Director of Lugano Diamonds in Newport Beach, California has been blessed to see his pieces worn by some of the most glamorous and beautiful celebrities around the world, but even several decades into his career he is still enamored by the adornments of royalty. When Prince William proposed to Duchess Kate back in October 2010, during a trip to Kenya. William gave his fiancée a ring that belonged to his mother, Princess Diana. The ring is reportedly worth over half a million dollars.

Royal families around the world have always held high standards with engagement rings. Moti Ferder made a list of some of the most coveted royal engagement rings over the past hundred years.

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Prince Harry and Megan Markel

Many members of the royal family have very exciting engagement stories. Prince Henry had a more down to earth plan. He proposed to his wife, Megan Markel while they were at home eating roasted chicken.

While Prince Harry planned a more casual proposal, he still invested in a fantastic engagement ring. The ring came with a yellow gold band and two small diamonds next to the 3-carat stone in the center.

Prince Rainier the Third and Princess Grace

Prince Rainier was the heir to the throne of Monaco. When he proposed to his fiancé, Princess Grace, he purchased a Cartier eternity ring that was adorned with rubies and diamonds. What most people don’t know is that he refashioned the ring after seeing some of the engagement rings that famous Hollywood celebrities purchased for their intended. He replaced the stone with a 10.5 carat diamond, which made the ring one of the most valuable engagement rings a Monacan prince had ever purchased for his bride.

Princess Diana and Prince Charles

Princess Diana’s engagement ceremony made headlines around the world. Prince Charles gave her the opportunity to choose her own ring from a set of Garrand Jewelery pieces. She surprised many people by choosing an 18-carat sapphire with numerous diamonds surrounding it. This is one of the first royal engagement rings that didn’t have a diamond in the center.

Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip

When Prince Philip proposed to Queen Elizabeth, he gave her an engagement ring that was made of stones from his mother’s tiara. Philip believed that these beautiful stones needed to stay in the family and was pleased that his future wife was proud to wear them around her finger.

Princess Eugenie of York and Jack Brooks bank

This royal couple just got engaged in January and plans to give their vows sometime in the fall. Since the engagement was only recently announced, not many details have emerged yet. However, the ring is known to be a blush sapphire covered with tiny diamonds.

Prince Andrew and Duchess Sarah of York

Prince Andrew proposed to Sarah Ferguson, the Duchess of York, back in 1985. The prince presented her with a Burmese ruby that was surrounded by small diamonds. Prince Andrew chose this flaming ruby, because the stone complemented Sarah‘s auburn hair so nicely.

Prince Charles of Wales and Camila Parker

Prince William and Prince Philip aren’t the only members of the royal family to use family heirlooms to pop the big question. Prince Charles gave his bride, Camilla Parker, engagement ring that belonged to his grandmother, queen Elizabeth, also known as the queen mother.

This engagement ring was fashioned with a platinum band. It had a square cut diamond in the center with rubies along either side. Having belong to one of the most famous monarchs in European history, this ring was already very famous before prince Charles decided to pass it down the blood lines of the royal family.

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