Canadian Importing with

Canadian Importing with

To make Clearit Canadian importing as your ally when importing to Canada for the first time is probably your best option. Shipping internationally is not the easiest task to deal with and the harder it will be for you being a first timer. However, with assisting you, everything will go smoothly as they are already a pro in ordeals such as this. They don’t just have the best people, they also have the best online platform making it easy for you to avail of their services.

So how does their customs brokerage system works?

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  1. The very first thing you need to do is to create an account on their page so that you can submit a request for customs clearance. Without an account, you can’t-do
  2. There are live agents that can assist you and they will cater to any questions you have. So if you notice that they are online, you can just shoot them some of the things you don’t understand about their system. They will also be the one to process your request.
  3. You can expect that in this company, your payment is secured which is either be a through your credit or debit card.

Aside from what has mentioned above, there are also other things that you can enjoy from this company. Like for example if you want to know beforehand the amount you will end up paying to them, you can make use of their free import calculator. Everything can be calculated through this app such as your import costs, duties, and app. You can also use this company when it comes to AES and ITN which is a must when importing goods that amounted to more than $2500. You can check the details through their website.

Yes, is the best option you can get when facing this kind of ordeal. They will be there for you right from the start until your goods will be received in Canada. What also additionally helps is that Canada is actually not a difficult country. Their government is not as strict as the other countries. But of course there are still regulations that must be complied and this can assist you for them.

Check out their website now or you can also give them a call. If this ordeal will become regular, it would be good to know that you have a company to back you up.

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