CV and Interview Tips for PA Candidates

CV and Interview Tips for PA Candidates

Today we are going to be providing some tips to PA’s looking for new opportunities, informing them how to create CV’s to land their dream jobs, providing interview tips and more. If you are a PA looking to broaden your horizons, or perhaps you’re looking to embrace your first ever PA job, we advise that you carry on reading at your peril…

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First off let’s start with the CV,this is the first thing any potential employer sees. Your CV not only needs to be up to scratch when applying for a PA role, but it also has to go above and beyond. We recommend you follow the top tips below to make your CV is top notch!

  • When it comes to CV’s, spelling mistakes simply are not acceptable, especially when applying for PA roles. Many PA’s are required to proof read documents and communicate with people in writing and correct spelling and grammaris imperative. Any mistake on your CV will be spotted straight away.
  • Consider using short paragraphs and bullet points to list your past achievements; this is a simple and efficient way of getting key points to stand out.
  • The ideal length for a CV is 1-2 pages. Make sure you include only quality information with each previous role listing at leasing 5 bullet points/job tasks.


Telephone Etiquette


PA’s are typically required to speak on the phone on a daily basis, and as such, your telephone etiquette is of utmost importance.

  • You should always answer your phone, be it home or mobile, in a professional manner– even if you do not recognise the number calling you. You never know who is going to be at the other end of the phone!I If you have been applying for jobs there is a strong chance that how you answer the phone could make a huge impact on your future success.
  • If you have asked to do a telephone interview you need to ensure that you are somewhere quiet and with good signal. You’ll be surprised how much difference this will make to your concentration and the flow of conversation. You should also make sure that any distractions are out of the way so you can focus on the task at hand.

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Interview Tips

If you have landed an interview, the good news is that you are half way there. Don’t be too confident though, this part is crucial and will be your opportunity to show your skills. Our top tips for a good interview include:

  • Smiling is so important, with a lot of employers and interviewers selecting candidates based on their energy and the vibes which they give off it’s never been more key. You will appear more engaging and more personable simply by smiling at the interviewer.
  • Communication skills are vital for PAs. Remember to speak clearly and loud enough that you won’t need to repeat yourself.
  • Prepare yourself prior to interviews! T Asking questions that show you are highly interested in the role and show your research are key.

Recruitment Consultants


Don’t be afraid to ask recruitment consultants for help in finding the best job roles.  PA recruitment in London can be highly beneficial for people looking for the greatest job roles. Consultants can often have access to a range of jobs which are not advertised in any other ways, and in many cases these jobs are the most exciting and rewarding.


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