Defining The Ways To Remove Your Business Website From Blacklist

Defining The Ways To Remove Your Business Website From Blacklist

So, the time has come when you have to remove blacklisted status from your website, if you want your business to flourish. This message, this site may harm your computer, is enough to scare your potential clients away, and that will ruin your business deals in no time. So, without wasting some of your precious time, it is mandatory for you to check out more on the steps, which can help in removing that blacklisted status from your source. For the first step, you might have to ensure that WordPress site is clean. After that, you need to login to search console. For cleaning website, you can ask the malware cleaning software to help.

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Right for the next steps:

After entering the console, you are asked to add a property. You can easily add your current business website’s URL as the main property example. After that, you need to verify the website ownership. For that, you have to download a file from Google and upload that file to FTP space of your website. Test whether this file is accessible or not. After that, in the Search Console of Google, you can proceed further for verification.

Other steps to work on:

After following the instructions and uploading the file in right space, you will come across a message, Successfully verified your ownership.” Now, comes the part where you enter the dashboard, where it will show you the name of ownership. Click on security issues over here and that will provide you with ways to fix the issue. You can Request Google and search console for Review. After requesting for a Review, you have to wait for 3 days. After those three calendar days, your website will be removed from the blacklist, and you can do business like usual for sure over here.

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