Drone Video Editing Tips

Drone Video Editing Tips

Videographers didn’t take long to adopt drone technology into their set of skills and job resources and while many took to flight right away, others were a bit uncertain and it showed in the final video edits. Video production for drone videography has grown and there are many good video editing software packages available that make editing your drone footage easier and more effective.

Drone footage is incredible to see, but what makes it truly unique is the ability of the editor to create new and exciting footage that many people haven’t seen yet. That is the purpose of this article, to show you some cool video editing tips that will make you a drone videography rock star.

Drone Video Editing Tips

Transitions- okay, so transitions are nothing new when it comes to videography, but remember, we are in the air now and our drones are doing some incredible aerial stunts, even if we don’t want them to, which can provide some unique and interesting footage. From drops and flyovers, to pans, tilts, pushes and more, drone video editors have a lot to work with and can add a wide range of transitions throughout the clip. You have to be careful not to make the final cut look out of place when adding transitions as this can take away from the viewer experience.

Speed Ramps- drone videographers often capture a lot more footage than necessary and this could make the video clips rather lengthy. Keeping viewers engaged with longer footage can be difficult which is why using a method called speed ramps, where you speed up the duration of those long tracking shots and slow the clip back down when approaching something interesting.

Stutter Cut- when shooting footage in Ultra HD or 4K video, you are often left with a lot of extra space to play with when adding it to an HD timeline. You can use this extra space to your advantage and implement a technique called stutter cut. This is where you bring in full resolution footage without making any modifications to it and then change the potion of footage you cut making it match much small sequences until you have a stutter effect.

Title and Graphic Overlays- while drone footage in itself is interesting to view, some of today’s new camera models make use of wide shots which offer editors the perfect opportunity to add logos, titles or other overlays which can help with branding or product recognition.

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