Food Public Relations and The Internet

Food Public Relations and The Internet

Prior to the introduction of the worldwide web, PR was largely via print and in person activities.

The internet has made a revolutionary impact on how people shop, find out information and form opinions about everything, from world events to which food and drink products are market leaders and which should probably be avoided if online reviews are trusted.

In today’s marketplace, however excellent your product or service, if the food or drink and your brand don’t have a healthy online presence then you are limiting your potential to what could prove to be a disastrous degree.

More shopping and surfing is carried out on the internet now than ever before and as proof of this print media and advertising in PR campaigns is not a primary tool. Digital PR approaches are at the core of many food public relations campaigns.

A food PR company like Ceres PR utilises every resource available online that is beneficial to increase brand awareness, from live social media updates to website blogs and online articles. Whilst food public relations events are undoubtedly an excellent measure for face to face interaction, a consumer expects that your food product data is available to them out of trading hours, in the same way that they can shop for fashion items or furniture. The online world is open for business 24/7 and delivers results instantly.

Moreover, the online community is far greater than the number of people who may see a print PR article or fit in to business premises. Billions of people use the internet, allow them all to learn about you.

Food and drink PR requires specialists to push a productive campaign from beginning to end and if you choose to carry out your own PR activities this can often prove counterproductive. Yes, you might save money by not hiring a professional food PR company but there is a high risk that you’ll target the wrong audience, over or undersell in certain markets, waste money, time and resources.

All of which are not risks when you trust experienced, qualified industry specialists who promise and deliver results. You’re busy already, why add the pressure of PR to your workload?

Food PR company teams appreciate the importance of links to your information via other relevant websites. By placing a link in an online magazine article, for example, readers can reach your website via one click. Perfect. The strength of the links is integral to success.

The more positive leads, comments and views that the online food and drink public relations company can generate, the better the position in the search engine and the higher the visibility. That, in turn increases sales, revenue and awareness.

It’s estimated that PR has 7 times more impact than advertising with consumers so don’t assume that having a website or using social media a couple of times per day is sufficient for prosperity. There is a lot of competition and you need to shine brightly to achieve.

Speak to the Ceres team or another PR food company today.

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