How to Make Your RV Listing Appealing to Renters

How to Make Your RV Listing Appealing to Renters

Thanks to the opportunity to rent your RV out to people locally or around the country, if you’re an owner, you can make quite a bit of money when you’re not using it. However, to maximize the returns, you make renting your RV, you need to ensure that the listing is appealing to people. It’s like marketing anything else when you’re using a peer-to-peer platform to rent out your RV.

The following are some tips that can help you rent your RV more often so that there’s never a time when it’s just sitting unused or not being rented.

Include Plenty of Photos

Think about if you were going to rent an RV. You would want to know exactly what it looks like, right?

Other renters feel the same way. The more pictures, the better chance you have of renting it out on a regular basis. Try to aim for at least four photos, but more is usually better. You want people to know what it looks like inside and out, and you want them to be able to envision themselves traveling in your vehicle. Don’t make them imagine it.

Some people even spring for a professional photographer for an hour or so, if they’re serious about maximizing their rental returns.

It’s All About the Details

You want to make sure you’re not just including pictures, but writing out all the details of your RV. You want to think about things from the perspective of your targeted renter.

What are they going to be most interested in? What’s going to be a make-or-break for them when they’re choosing an RV? What will your renters most need in an RV?

While you want to sell your RV to potential renters, you don’t want to be dishonest. Make sure you’re accurate with your details.

Price It Right

Before you price your RV, do your research. See what similar vehicles are being rented for. Keep in mind that if you’re starting out, you may have to rent your RV out at a lower price than you would normally, to get important reviews and build your listing.

Some people will also create a low base price for their RV, and then they’ll offer extra things that renters can opt for as add-ons. This makes sure the price is competitively appealing, but that you can also make money renting your RV out.

Some of the things you can consider as extras can include delivery service, transfers from the airport, or cleanings, so the renter doesn’t have to do it when they drop off.

You will likely change the pricing depending on the season as well. As with hotels, when you’re renting out an RV, you’ll want to think about low and high seasons, and when people are willing to pay a premium depending on your area.

Finally, a lot of renters aren’t going to look favorably at mileage restrictions. Most renters tend to prefer paying more upfront and then having unlimited mileage, so think about this as you’re setting up your listing.

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