Indeed, air travel is pricey even if you book flight tickets months in advance and if you want to book an emergency flight at the last minute, you may end up paying a fortune. Well, booking flight tickets on short notice isn’t an easy job! You’ll probably end up paying much higher prices than what other fellow travellers shell out for the same ticket irrespective of whether you need to visit a sick relative out of town, attend a job interview or funeral. The only difference between your flight ticket and theirs is the difference in the ‘booking time’ – you’re booking it at the last moment whereas they’ve already booked it in advance. At times, such situation could leave you feeling stuck because you don’t have enough cash at hand.

When you need cash and need it urgently, a cash loan against car can be quite helpful. This type of loan against vehicle collateral is known as auto pawn loan. All right! Let’s quickly look at auto pawn loan or cash against a car and how it could benefit you.


Have you ever heard about a pawn shop? Have you ever gone to a pawn shop? If you have heard about pawn shop or visited one with an item of value and obtained a loan for it. Then after, once you have repaid the loan, the pawn shop must have returned the item to you.

Well, an auto pawn loan is not different from the above pawn loan against an item of value. In auto pawn loan, you take your vehicle to an auto pawn shop and the pawn shop will make a loan offer to you based on its value. Once you agree to their terms and receive the cash loan, the pawn shop will retain your vehicle and keep it in their secure storage until you repay the entire loan within the agreed timelines.

Nonetheless, car pawn loans are generally for amounts that are just a fraction of the original asset value and for short-term; you can pay it off swiftly as soon as you get funds and get back the possession of your vehicle.


Assume that you’ve just got an urgent interview call. You’re residing in Sydney; you need to go to Melbourne for the promising job interview. And you need urgent money to manage the situation – to buy flight tickets for ‘to and fro’ trips. In such an emergency, you can’t approach banks or conventional money lending financial institutions because their process is long involving credit checks and other verifications, which may delay or disqualify you from getting a bank loan or a loan from other financial institutions. Moreover, it all requires plenty of your time; perhaps, you may also need to wait. All this doesn’t seem possible.

Rather, you could drive your car straight to an auto pawn shop. The auto pawn shop will perform a quick evaluation of your vehicle and offer you a cash loan. If you agree to the offered loan value and their terms, they will provide you with cash instantly in minutes on the same day. You can then buy your emergency flight tickets with ease.

Once you return from your trip and as soon as your pay cheque arrives or you get money from some other source, you could at once repay your car pawn loan and get back the ownership of your car. Well, to manage cash in such an urgent situation, this option seems workable. Isn’t it?

Here is a simple guide to an auto pawn loan!

Final Words

You can’t put off your short-notice flight, but managing such pressing situation is certainly within your control. With a cash loan from an established auto pawn shop, you can get the money you need instantly and reach your destination and accomplish your intended work. And once you’re back, you can comfortably repay your loan as soon as you get your next pay cheque or funds from some other source. When an urgent situation like this hits you and you’re in need of instant cash, you should certainly give this option a try.

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