How You Should Pick the Right Customs Broker

How You Should Pick the Right Customs Broker

Customs broker plays a significant role in facilitating import and export of shipments through customs and also ensuring compliance with tariff classifications and correct payment of duties and taxes. With the ever-changing international regulations and recent multiple news of penalties dished out for non-compliance and violations, there has never existed a better time to get a customs broker. Listed are ways to ensure you are partnering with the right customs broker.

#1: Choose a Broker with Customs Compliance Expertise

Any custom broker can deal with your shipment clearance but your business still remains liable for any mistakes they make on your behalf. You have to access a customs broker that would advise you on additional up-to-date customs compliance information on the ever-changing trade rules and security requirements. This will help you reduce trading costs and strengthen relationships with various trade partners as it will also protect your business form custom audits and penalties.

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#2: Choose a Broker That Provides You with a Dedicated Team

What you should look out for is a customs broker with a “one client- one team” approach. This approach provides your business with a dedicated team of customs brokerage service professionals that will improve control and visibility. Also, having dedicated resources to your business streamlines communication and enable your customs broker deliver customized solutions for your business.

#3: Choose a Broker who is Licensed in both Canada and the United States

Possessing a centralized customs release department removes the need for setting up multiple offices and additional overhead. Having a single licensed broker whose tentacles spread across U.S. and Canada such as Clearit USA customs broker, can provide you with extremely competitive brokerage pricing compared to brokers that are not licensed in both countries. Communication is improved and error is reduced by eliminating multiple customs brokers.

#4: Choose a Broker with Up-to-Date Technology

It is imperative that you select a broker that uses innovative and up-to-date computer tracking systems that your business as well as your customers can completely rely on. Choosing a broker whose technology is up-to-date for all shipping and customs documentation will give your business significant competitive advantage. It would reduce processing times and the usual delays at the border which will help you save your business money as well as the money of your customers. Also, this up-to-date technology it will help reduce ton of redundant or clumsy paperwork.

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