Larson&Holz – what services does the broker offer to its clients?

Larson&Holz – what services does the broker offer to its clients?

Tell me, who did not dream of becoming a trader or financial tycoon, after watching various programs about finances, or films of the same theme? But watching the programs and movies will not make a successful trader a successful financier. Too different films and real trading. But all the same, everyone once starts something for the first time. And for the first time learn that trading is carried out through a brokerage company. And that every brokerage company works by its principles. Choosing a broker is really a complicated process, especially in our time. The niche of providing brokerage services is so firmly clogged that it is necessary to choose from several dozen broker companies. By filtering out a long list, the choice fell on the brokerage company Larson&Holz. Based on our own beliefs, we came to the conclusion that this company is best suited for beginning traders. But in fact, there is much more for beginner traders than for experienced traders. But no one argues with the fact that experienced traders, Larson&Holz company offers such services that others do not have.

The first service, which is recommended to pay attention to a novice trader, is a no-deposit account. In a way, this is a bonus. But with the only difference is that its size is incommensurable more than any other bonus. This is a good time to try your hand at real trading with Larson&Holz money. The company puts on the balance of a no-deposit account 100 dollars. If a novice trader makes a profit in the course of trading, he leaves it to himself. In three days the account will be closed, and the company withdraws its money back. After three days, the trader can open a new no-deposit account, and continue the work. And again takes the profit. The no-deposit account is closed again, and the trader has the opportunity to open a no-deposit account the third time. Total, the company allows three times to open a no-deposit account. What is surprising, a trader gets the opportunity to trade with zero risk for himself. After all, it is not necessary to enter your money. Even in case of loss of the deposit, no one claims.

The next interesting service for beginning traders is binary options. The difference between binary options in the company Larson&Holz, from a similar service in other companies. The expiration dates are the same. Trading tools are the same. But the trading platform is different. Usually, brokerage companies offer their customers either unfinished versions of trading platforms, or the trading platform is cut to such an extent that there is no customary functionality in sight. In addition, it’s incredibly difficult to trade options on such platforms, so even elementary things are missing. For example, the trading schedule period is set separately from the expiration date. Which is not very convenient. More precisely, quite inconvenient. Well, Larson&Holz did not experiment with semi-live trading platforms, and offered its customers a regular trading terminal MetaTrader4. Naturally, in a standard trading platform, trading is much more convenient. Not to mention the fact that this is the usual platform for most traders. A standard set of indicators is present. In addition, fans of non-standard approaches can install additional indicators. Or even their usual patterns. In fact, a plug-in developed for binary options was introduced into the trading terminal. And adapted to the trading platform. This gives a huge advantage to fans of binary options. After all, trade is conducted in a familiar environment for them.

If a person first encountered trading, he is offered special literature to familiarize himself with the basic principles of the financial markets. As knowledge grows, you can go to training courses. They are not free, but Larson&Holz returns 10% of the course price. If a person spent 100 dollars on the course, then the company returns him $ 10. But there is an important condition. The training course must be completed. Otherwise, no refund will be made. But in principle, the game is worth the candle, since the client will be trained by professional traders who have a degree of qualification. In addition, practical classes. This can not be compared with watching a video in which there can be no sound. And plus to this, the opportunity not only look at the practice of trader trading, but also ask questions. After the course is completed, you can open a demo account, and apply your knowledge on it. If everything turns out, open a no-deposit account, and trade in real money. Or start with a classic trading plan. There are no restrictions on trade. You can trade at any convenient time.

Well and popular with many brokers service – competitions. There is no broker who would not provide it. The company Larson&Holz this service has not only finalized, but also changed some of its parameters. First, it increased the prize pool. It is now $ 10,000. Secondly, a novice trader can track the dynamics of the trader’s trade, and watch the results of his trade. This function is usually used in the transaction copying service, where the subscribed client receives detailed bidding statistics.

Well, the very service of copying transactions. At first, Larson&Holz could only provide this service within the company. Then the service was changed, and at the moment the company connected several large services for copying transactions. Now the client of the company has a large selection of managing traders, which he can choose according to various conditions.

Let’s sum up. In fact, the company Larson&Holz positions itself as a reliable broker who is loyal to any client, regardless of its status. All problems are solved together, which is also a positive thing.

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