Mobile wallets: benefits for everyone

Mobile wallets: benefits for everyone

Everything has got easier as the technology completely enhanced the features of a smartphone. Nowadays, phones are not just for calling as they were being used for, they are now even capable of doing and managing almost everything that can make the life of user simpler.  From messaging, visiting different websites, to booking a hotel or a flight to a movie ticket or any live event, technology has made your life more convenient and manageable. Moreover, people are even able to complete the official work such as writing or making a file with their Smartphone.

As now you are aware of the benefits and advantages of the smart phones you must know that they are now replacing your wallet as well. There are many people who use these mobile wallets but still many are not comfortable and do not trust the mobile wallet facilities. There is Puut wallet that is going to completely change your thoughts and doubts that you have in your mind for using wallets.

Why mobile wallets are better than hardware wallet?

If you are wondering why you should go with the mobile wallet inspite of using the old wallets of yours then here you will get the answers that you are looking for:

  • Mobile wallets are more secured: You may find it a little bit confusing but in true manner the mobile wallets are better option that you can use no matter wherever you are. These wallets store the information about your credit cards, debit cards, boarding pass, identity card and even they are capable of managing all your passwords as well but in a secured manner. When it comes to the security of the classical wallet then you have to be too much protective for them as it will be difficult for you to recover those things again if someone stole your wallet. However, mobile wallets can be secured with the passwords to keep your credentials safe and secured.
  • Can be used for online shopping: Another feature for which mobile wallets are popular and used worldwide is that they allow you to do the shopping online. No matter which continent, country, state or city you live in, you can order anything by using these wallets. Of course, it is not possible if you are using the traditional hardware wallet.
  • Transfer money to anyone: With the mobile wallets, you can transfer the money to anyone at the remote locations.  You cannot do the same with the traditional wallet.

Automated services for the merchants

Puut wallet for merchants is also now being used by most of the retailers. It allows the customers to pick any product from the shelves, scan the barcode and pay the price for that. It results in reducing the queue length which is there at the cash counters. Mobile wallet has the feature of bidding that allows the merchant to bid on the shopper’s list. On the shopping wall itself, they can publish or present their offers in order to attract the customers. These offers will be visible to the customers who are within the same geographical location and can be used by the people.

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