Myline Offering Great Customer Service

Myline Offering Great Customer Service

MyLine is the premier India calling service provider for the more than 4 million Indian citizens and immigrants living in the US. Every year millions of American businessmen, tourists, expatriates as well as Indian students and traders travel between the US, Canada and India. These critical mass relies on MyLine’s advanced calling options backed by great customer service. MyLine services can be registered online and the account opening also done online with ease and efficacy.

MyLine has a customer service team that can be reached through emails, calls, texts or webchat. They are on the line 24/7 and provide real time feedback on queries, complaints, compliments and clarifications. MyLine offers email responses within a few 6horus which is one third the average time of email responses by firms to clients. They also ensure that a client is never out on hold when they make a query. The team provides quick, timely and relevant information as well as a run a knowledge base which provides client’s to self-service option.

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MyLine conducts regular interviews and interactions with clients with a view of understanding the market dynamics both in India and in Nairobi. The team always has the most up to date understanding of international callas technology, customer needs and the changing market dynamics. This knowledge comes in handy when updating the knowledge base, portals, account services, billing services and app data. MyLine notifies the clients that the queries are often recorded with a view of improving the quality of their services subject to federal laws.

MyLine invests in futuristic cutting edge technology, platforms and apps tat will ensure they stay ahead of the curve when ti comes to helping clients. The team are among the pioneer providers of online account opening services, account management, in which updated call logs can be accessed free of charge. The team also provides a 180 day activation for the lines as opposed to the 30 day and 90 day offer that most calling service providers avail.

Why Choose MyLine? Based on their experience honed over the years MyLine stand as the best international calling service providers to Indian with a coterie of advanced call features, competitive billing, ease of account opening and excellent and easily accessible customer service team. MyLine allows you to add the destination countries for your line by simply getting in touch with the customer service team and requesting for the activations.

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