Planet Express- Making Online Shopping Easy

Planet Express- Making Online Shopping Easy

Imagine you are shopping online, you see some products that tickle your fancy and you decide to buy them. You start adding them to your cart, then comes the “check-out” part and then you realize that the retailer does not provide delivery services in your country. Oh snap! Now what? Well, you do not need to be disappointed again if you are shopping from an online retailer in the United States of America (USA). From now on, “Planet Express” is always there to take care of your package delivery needs in the USA.

“Planet Express” platform has been started keeping in mind the shoppers’ needs. We provide package delivery services all around the world. Your every need regarding the delivery of your goods is met here. We provide excellent shipment srvices with affordable pricing. A lot of different shipping methods are there to have your good delivered, you can choose any of them and the pricing of the shipment will vary accordingly. You can use our shipping calculator for specific shipping rates.

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We provide package consolidation service as well, If you are buying goods from various retailers in the USA, have all the goods shipped to us. We remove the extra packaging material and the unnecessary space and consolidate the shipment. Consolidation of goods can result in 50%-90% saving. As, shipping cost for smaller packages is higher than bigger packages. We check the contents to make sure that they are not broken.

If you want to make sure that the retailer has delivered the same products that you had ordered, then you can request “photo” of the goods as well. Just write to us and we will send you the photos of your goods. At the time of registering with us, you will have to add $5 to your account which you can use towards your shipment. Feel free to contact us for fast, easy, transparent and reliable shipment of your products.

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