Ration card in India

Ration card in India

Hi friends how are you in the next series of our blog about various government documents this blog is about ration card in India in the last blog we saw and understood what are the different types of ration cards in this week’s blogs we will understand how are ocean card performs and what are the various kind of ration card uses which you can use

so without wasting any time let’s start with the ration card block

Singer past few days we have been seeing the lots of reports which have been coming about whether ration card status is still usable or not however ration card is not used as much as it was used earlier in seventies and eighties because of new retail stores coming up in India ration card has still a lot of importance in terms of government documents

The below poverty and above poverty line which are called is BPL and APL ration card Became history in 2013 as government decided to stop these ration cards.

The NFS act of 2013 started deploying motion cards in the country and 80% of the work has been completed by this date they are still working on new parts of creating more ration card however the work is still in progress

Hollywood you too discrepancy in the work lots of BPL families which are below the poverty line families had to pay hefty amount of money to get the ration card application which was due to the discrepancy in the work is happened by NFS it it is telling in the progress however lots of people have been complaining that they still have not received the ration card

Nerul also new ration card which are being supplied by the government of India now and difference between the older ration cards and the new ration card that that the new ration card will also have a number of your Aadhar card so it can be linked directly with your Aadhaar card so the amount of discrepancy can be decrease and people below the poverty line can be increased by giving them a ration card which is the basic necessity of the life.

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