Reasons Why Commercial General Liability (CGL) Insurance Is Required by Every Business

Reasons Why Commercial General Liability (CGL) Insurance Is Required by Every Business

There are many insurance covers available for businesses, but out of these the most essential and beneficial coverage for a company is commercial general liability insurance. This cover helps to safeguard your business and its assets from expenses that arise as a result of third party liabilities. It provides protection against liability claims such as property damage or injuries that take place on your business premises. It also offers a cover for accidents that are caused by you or your employees while conducting business. Here are a few reasons why this coverage is vital in any type of business organization.

1) Your business is not placed in a vulnerable position

Businesses are at a greater chance of facing a legal claim. If you do not have CGL insurance, you are putting yourself and your company at risk which can attract unexpected lawsuits. These lawsuits can occur on account of various third parties that are directly or indirectly connected to your business. This includes customers, vendors, clients, contractors and volunteers. Having this insurance with you acts as a safety net as it protects your business against these unforeseen claims and promotes risk management.

2) It covers bodily injury and property damage

If your company, its employees, your product, work or any other factor related to your company causes physical harm or injury to another client, belongings or property, you could be held accountable. Commercial general liability insurance ensures adequate coverage is provided to anyone injured on the property owing to off-premises business processes. The causes can be employee negligence and slip and fall accidents. Any kind of property damage caused due to the business or its employees is also covered by this policy.

3) It helps you with rules, regulations and local taxes

Although, as it stands true for two-wheeler or four-wheeler insurance, there is no law that states that a business needs to possess liability insurance. However, at a local level, there are a variety of rules and regulations that make it imperative for businesses to be well covered with good insurance policies, in case emergency strikes. Sometimes, you are even provided with various kinds of tax benefits although this holds true depending upon the type of coverage you choose.

4) Your employees get the satisfaction they need

When you run a business, it is important that you look after your employees. Offering your employees adequate protection so that they know they are safe is required. Since employees are answerable by law for their actions while representing a company, this policy helps businesses offer adequate coverage to their employees in case of any incident.

5) Protects against other factors

In instances when product quality is not up to the mark, there is an occurrence of unintentional copyright infringement or in cases of intentional or unintentional invasion of privacy; a CGL policy comes as a lifesaver. This is because, it helps to safeguard against all of these factors and more.

You need to know whether these aspects are covered by your liability insurance policy as unexpected incidents can occur out of nowhere so it’s best to be prepared.

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