What’s In Your Office Stationary Box?

What’s In Your Office Stationary Box?

One of the most common pieces of equipment in the office stationary box is the trusty stapler. It is a common tool used to make sure your documents stay together. The Stapler will binds two or more bits of paper strongly and effectively turn your stack of documents into a booklet. The advanced version of the stapler which capable of handling bigger bundles of papers are known as heavy duty staplers.

Stago HM15 Electric Stapler

How to select the best hand staple gun?

Handgrip: The very first thing which you should check out is the hand grip of the stapler. When it comes to good stapler design, the hand will grip in such a way to give minimum pain to your hand when involved in repetitive stapling jobs. The quality of the material used to make the grip can also add a lot. With a soft absorbent material, it can make the grip not only comfortable, but absorb the sweat of your hand leading to stapling in most precise way.

Staple size: The manual stapler comes with a standardised staple of half an inch. The question of selecting the staple size comes with stapler which uses electric or pneumatic as the source of power. These staplers come with dials to adjust the size of the staple.

Easy to use: This is one of the major parameters in selecting the best stapler for your office. The ease of use is important as the stapler could be an item that get used a lot. Thus, it should be light in weight and easy to operate with good handgrip.

Durability of the stapler: This is the most important parameter in selection of the stapler. The stapler should last for many years. The stapler should be built with such metal which can bear the abuse of high usage.

Stago HM15-2 Electric Stapler

Advantages of using the heavy duty stapler

  • Heavy duty staplers provides the ease of stapling many documents in one go. The amount of paper which the heavy duty stapler can staple is more than twice the ordinary stapler.
  • It helps in completing a larger amount of stapling assignments with lesser time required.
  • Your hand will feel less tired than when using a standard stapler because of better design of the machine.
  • A good stapler always provides better hand grip thus providing extra comfort to your hand increasing your efficiency.
  • The capacity of the stapler to handle more jobs is the main advantage of the stapler.
    The large lever of the staple arm which is used to staple the paper from the above, gives extra ease when stapling the papers. The longer the arm the easier it is to staple the papers. You can use a manual stapler for heavy assignment of work. Thus, these staplers with its basic characteristics provide better working capacity to the operator.
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